20″ Tool Box Combo

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1. Hand away tool box: heavy duty gauge steel
    large storage space;corrosion resistant
2. Booster cable:grip both top and side posts extended jaws
    has grooves that grip and lock into place
3. Hydraulic bottle jack:
    12,000lbs capacity
    lifting range: 8-1/2″-16-5/16″
    heat treated extension screw allows low pick up
    height adjustment and maximum lift height
4. Jack stands: 4000lbs capacity
    lifting range: 10-13/16″-16-3/4″
    sturdy welded steel construction for superior
    safety and strength


6T Bottle jack 
Capacity: 12,000 lbs
Lifting range: 8-1/2″ to 16-5/16″ 
2T Jack stands 
Capacity: 4,000 lbs 
Lifting range: 10-13/16″ to 16-3/4″


1 Year Limited Warranty


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